Butterick 6099 – a right royal tussle!

Well it has been a busy few months – my lovely Mum died and then I lost my job through redundancy and then I moved house so all in all quite a trying time. The plus side of losing my job is that I have had time to sew but not blogged so I have made a resolution that at the end of every project I will:

  1. Tidy up my sewing room
  2. Put up a blog post.

Unfortunately the house move meant that I lost my  dedicated sewing room and am now using the dining room which is not ideal considering the amount of stuff I accumulated over the last 3 years. I packed 32 boxes not including my fabric which is stored in plastic containers. I am sure I don’t need half of it but most of it is new enthusiasms which are picked up, equipment bought and then discarded. I also have lots of bibs and bobs of things made that somehow never got out of the sewing room plus all those UFO’s. I have been a bit ruthless with the latter asking myself if I am ever going to finish them. If not then I have binned them.

Anyway having a wardrobe clear out at the same time meant that I deduced I was short of a few tops to wear with my jeans. Not being able to purchase anything (my new year resolution was no buying new clothes in 2016 and so far I have stuck to it!). I pulled out Butterick 6099.Capture4

I decided to go with View D and purchased some lovely chambray fabric from Plush Addict who recently opened a new store in Peterborough – of course I was there the first week although restrained myself and went on the second day after opening.

I decided not to make a muslin for this as it was quite a loose fitting top and didn’t really anticipate any fitting problems having chosen a size that was correct for my bust, waist and hips. HOW WRONG WAS I?

Having duly made up the top it was HUGE! The garment was hanging off my shoulders by a good 2 or 3 inches. Of course I hadn’t put it on before I inserted my sleeves. At this point I was about to give up and shove it on top of my UFO pile but then knowing I would never get around to finishing it – see above – I decided to push on. I painstakingly removed the sleeves (which were beautiful by the way) and narrowed the shoulders. I took 4″ off the length as it was more of a dress than a tunic top  – it certainly didn’t look that long in the pattern drawing. Having shortened it I had to remove the pockets as they were now hanging down past the hem. I could have made them smaller but I am not keen on pockets in my clothes as I think it tends to spoil the line of the garment. I didn’t add the top pocket as I didn’t like it.

Anyway here is the finished article – it still isn’t a perfect fit but just as good as anything I get from shop bought clothes. The sleeves aren’t lying perfect but that is probably as a result of my edit:



I learnt a lot from this make – how to sew a placket although I don’t think the pattern method is the best for the sleeves. If you make this pattern I would recommend research into better ways as mine turned out a bit messy. I also used covered buttons which I think really adds to the garment.



Another few tips/feedback for me:

  1. Make sure you have enough thread before sewing an automatic buttonhole as there is no going back once you have started.
  2. Interface goes on the top collar piece not the under collar.
  3. Try the garment on as you sew and make adaptations early in the process and do not adopt a “it will be fine” approach when it clearly isn’t.

I probably will make this again but with a lot of pattern modifications.