Clover Create-A-Strap with Nancy Zieman *

I purchased this out of interest to see if it would help in making straps for my bags – the concept seemed like a good one – a pre cut, fusible interfacing with perforations for easy folding.

NancyHowever the interfacing is lightweight and didn’t really add any strength to my bag strap plus for the price of this pack (£11 + from you could buy a lot of interfacing to do the job. I notice that there are some 5 star reviews for this product out there. It makes you wonder who writes these or am I missing the point?

Simplicity Bobbin Winder

Last week Steve and I popped into Hobbyland to buy a belt buckle – an hour later we left the store having spent over £200 between us and no belt buckle but more of that later!

Hobbyland were having a sale and I picked this little machine up for £10 – although my sewing machine does allow you to refill your bobbin without having to unthread I have problems with the bobbin winding – it always seems to get caught up in the spindle and doesn’t really wind the bobbin evenly.

This machine is great – it wound my bobbin perfectly in a couple of minutes and I would highly recommend especially if you have a sewing machine that doesn’t have a separate bobbin winding function.